Bridge Capital ®
24. Aug. 2019

As mergers and acquisitions advisory firm our range of services can include acquisitions market research and legal advice for mergers and acquisitions. We are representing both buyers and sellers of companies across a wide range of industries and assisting in many areas of the mergers and acquisitions process.

Helping you to buy a company
The buying process includes the following stages:
• Determine Acquisition Criteria
• Acquisitions Market Research
• Carrying out a carefully planned Contact Strategy
• Negotiation and Completion
• Conclusion

Benefits to your business
• Acquiring additional skills and quality staff
• Obtaining business intelligence about your industry or sector
• Accessing valuable assets or funds
• Increasing your market share and widening your customer base
• Diversification
• Reducing costs, overheads and competition

Helping you to sell your business
The selling process includes the following stages:


• Client Objectives and Valuation
• Identifying and approaching Buyers
• Company Profile
• Negotiations and Heads of Agreement
• Completion

The importance of an exit strategy
• Careful planning can help you maximise the value of  your business
• The timing of your exit can be of your choosing - when market conditions are good and the business is doing well
• You can ensure that all potential buyers have been approached to increase the chances of a sale and achieving the best price

Benefits to Acquirers
• Reduction in legal and accounting costs
• Early recognition of situations that may well prove abortive

Helping you with due diligence
Bridge Mergers & Acquisitions can provide commercial due diligence reports on acquisition targets. This can be a stand-alone service - the targets need not be ones introduced by Bridge.
•  Commercial Due Diligence Reports
• Objectives of a Due Diligence Report
• Contents of a Due Diligence Report...