Bridge Capital ®
24. Aug. 2019

Listing corporates in London Stock Echange

Bridge Capital offers the widest choice of routes to market, which to both UK and international companies, and provide a comprehensive fund raising advice.

Bridge Capital enjoys a rich experience in bringing companies to the Main Market and our Professional team provides our clients with a practical advice on the listing process, as well as the tools into life as a successful public company.

With a Standard Listing, a company has to meet the requirements laid down by EU legislation. This means that their overall compliance burden will be lighter, both in terms of preparing for listing and on an ongoing basis.

We provide our clients the advice on the benefit of Standard Listing that requires compliance only with EU minimum Standards.

Bridge Capital assist the clients with advice on the :

-           Eligibility implementation.

-           Valuation Reports.

-           Prospectus Drafting.

-           Corporate Governance

-           Process Management