Bridge Capital ®
24. Aug. 2019

Capital Raising

In an environment of increasing financial regulations, investors demand transparency and comprehensive risk assessments of the opportunities in which they participate.  Bridge Capital Ltd is committed to only providing investors with opportunities which have been thoroughly vetted and pre-screened for transparency. 


Capital Raising Strategies

 Bridge Capital Limited (BC) raises capital for pre-public companies to accelerate their growth through organic development, market and geographic expansion, and acquisition. BC sources and structures these transactional offerings, working closely with entrepreneurial management teams in dynamic market sectors.  BC manages distribution of the offerings through its growing and targeted investor bases.    

BC also offers a full-service Internet platform designed to assist both open-end and closed-end Alternative Asset and Hedge fund managers with their capital raising needs.  BC’s website permits its engaged clients to present an aggregation of marketing, legal, and due diligence documents in a secure virtual Dataroom thus enabling interested investors to conduct due diligence on the manager and fund prior to BC establishing direct contact.  BC’s process is particularly helpful to managers with larger fund raising goals and closed-end funds.

BC also specialises in client engagements which require experience in investment banking, mergers & acquisitions and capital raise to assist entrepreneurs in structuring, finance and grow specialty investment platforms. Such services often involve multiple stepped capital raises over a number of years.


Capital Raising Expertise

Our team has established relationships across an array of investor classes:

  • Early-stage/seed funds
  • Venture capital funds
  • Late-stage private equity
  • Leveraged buyout shops
  • Corporate development/venture groups
  • Hedge funds and Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs)
  • Funds of funds
  • Institutional investors
  • Family offices
  • Ultra high net worth individuals.

 Understanding investor Preferences

 BC’s knowledge of investors’ preferences allows us to pinpoint the optimal subset of investors for a given client’s capital raising needs, to maximize the efficiency of fundraising process, and to minimize the time the client must invest on fundraising engagements.  Our capital raising process includes the following steps:

Define financial and strategic objectives

  • Identify the optimal transaction
  • Target investors likely to be most interested
  • Assist our clients with preparation of their marketing materials
  • Conduct fundraising meetings
  • Negotiate the deal
  • Close the transaction.

 BC is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Our Authorisations allows us to arrange a capital raise for professional clients and corporate through debt and several investment instruments like Shares, Warrants and options.